– 2nd  EDITION-

“Cero años” short film winner of the 2nd edition of the International Competition


Madrid’s nightclub, Florida Park, dyed orange once again to celebrate the presentation of the International Competition of Short Films and Spots, Kerygma Awards. In this edition the thematic was forgiveness.

The ceremony, hosted by Juan Ramon Lucas (Spanish famous TV presenter), brought together almost 300 people, including participants, friends and family, in addition to numerous cultural and artistic personalities, such as filmmaker Rafael Gordon, the famous photographer Ouka Leele, the documentary director Fernando Lopez-Mirones and the former president of the Academy of Cinema -and member of the jury- Antonio Giménez Rico.

The first place was for Guillermo García and his team “Zero Years”, an original narration of human life and a genuine approach to abortion; the second place was for “Forgive to Live” where Francisco García and his great team represented forgiveness through conversations with Irene Villa. Last but not least, the third place was for “Psiche” of Ana Cabello and her crew, focusing on how daring is to comprehend the wounds in people’s hearts and the ways of healing them.

In addition, there were six runners up, with a prize of USD$250 each. They were the following short films and spots: Guardians and Angels, When we Forgive, Family Photo, The Fridge, To Forgive is a Thing of Two and Tears Glass. This initiative, convened by the Showing Foundation and the Villanueva Universitary Center, intended to translate ideas and values of humanism into audiovisual language by university students from around the world.

The third edition is being prepared and, quoting a member of the organization, “wants to expand its international coverage, taking into account that the first two editions reached all continents, excepting Africa, making this our new challenge for the upcoming year”.


From left to right: Kiko Gª Donate, Guillermo García, Miguel Cubillo and Oscar Fernandez -Baca, some of the winners of the contest’s second edition.


Cero Años. 1rt Award

Forguive to live. 2nd Award

Psique. 3rt Award

When we forguive. Accésit

Tears Glass. Accésit

Foto de familia. Accésit

La Nevera. Accésit

Llegará. Accésit

Guadians and Angels. Accésit


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