– 4th EDITION –

More than 1,000 people enjoyed the New Theatre Alcalá 


Elena Furiase and Esperalda Moya, were the presenters of the 4th edition of Kerygma Awards, which had Peace as the main topic. The producer, Loris Omedes, gave the first prize to Niccolo Olivares from University of Navarra for “Dis-connect”, a shortcut where he point out how unhealthy connections with social media makes us lose peace.

 “What if I bring peace?” of Clara Blázquez, student of the Complutense University of Madrid, was awarded with the second prize from producer and scriptwriter Emiliano Otegui. He was applauded by the 094audience he made all the attendees laugh. Artistic director, Koldo Valles, delivered the 3rd prize to “What’s Happening out” from Michael Chenlo, student of the University Camilo José Cela.

157In addition of the three main prizes, there were 5 runners-up prizes awarded by categories. Script was to “Different Shapes, One Heart”, Interpretation was to “Lo que no entiendes”, Montage “Real Peace de la India”, Production “Mission M” and Photography was to “Interiores”. Many surprises were experienced in Kerygma Awards ceremony. Juan Ramón Lucas (Radio&Tv presenter), remembered his presentation of 2012, and shared the hosting of that year with Elena and Esmeralda. Javier Pereira received the award “for young talent” Susana Griso, presenter of “Espejo Público” started as a fun piece on statuette.

Members of the jury, almost all present at the ceremony were honored with a “black” video. Rafael Gordón, Ouka Lele, Fernando López Mirones, Jerónimo José Martín o Jordi Gasull did not want to miss it.



Disconnect. 1rt award

Different Shapes, One Heart. Accésit

Real Peace. Accésit

Y si le pongo Paz?. 2nd Award

Misión M. Accésit

Interiores. Accésit

Qué está pasando ahí fuera?. 3rd award

Lo que no entiendes. Accésit



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